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How Customizing the Facebook

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This is a way to give you your touch on Facebook. Put your face, your way.
How do?
This step-by-step is for show you how you can change the vizualization of your Facebook, customizing with themes and different colors. It is very easy and fast and you only need it for the first time.

How Customizing the Facebook


The first thing you should know is that you have to install Firefox on your computer.
To those who do not know yet, Firefox is a very popular Internet browser, and Internet Explorer, but much more modern, faster, with different possibilities and resources. You browse the Internet normally using Firefox. It is free and without problems.

If you have not already download the Firefox

  • Step 2

With the browser already installed you will download a plugin called Stylish. It is essential to what we do.


The Stylish will be installed in the Firefox browser.
Stylish is installed when the note at the bottom of a browser a  icon.

Ready! Now just choose the models and place.


Option 1

Click the button to download normally.

that the top bar you will see a new warning on google saying that now
they only allow direct installation of extensions that are in store
Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store). You can ignore this warning.
At the bottom you have the extension with the theme you downloaded.
Now do the following:
Click the Tools tab (the symbol of a tool that is in the upper right corner)
Go to Tools and then on extensions.
In the new tab will open that will list all the extensions you have in your browser.
Suffice to click on the theme you downloaded, that is the bottom bar (it’s in your Downloads folder browser), hold and drag to within extensions.
Note that the message drop to install.
release. Button will appear with the information of the theme  and
requesting confirmation. Just confirm that the subject is active.
You will see the information that the theme has been installed in your browser.
Ready. You can check that the topic will automatically be active.

and looks like this:


be able to enable or disable the themes just go to the browser pane>
Tools> Extensions> and uncheck the box beside the theme name.
Marked it will appear, he cleared no longer appear. And if you click the
trash icon it will be uninstalled.

Option 2
The themes also work perfectly in google Chrome.
To use the themes on Google Chrome.
The way is almost the same as Mozilla Firefox.
If you have not even Google Chrome, install here.
If you skip to the next step.
Download the Stylish plugin for Google Chrome. Click this Link.
Give permission for the installation.
Once installed restart Google Chrome. When he reopen the Stylish icon appears on the top bar of the browser (in later versions).
How Customizing the Facebook
Clicking on the icon you can enable or desativer themes with ease. Clicking on a topic that is active you will deselect it and then it will be removed. Clicking in the theme that is off it will stay active. You can download as many themes as you like and have control over this icon in the panel.

Putting the models

Here in templah already have some models and every day new models will be added.
You choose the model that you like more.

You click the button Install With Stylish.

A screen will appear for you confirm.

You still have the option to preview before saving.
Save and ready. Your Facebook is no longer the same.
This is the theme Hello Kitty.
How Customizing the Facebook


The button to download the theme only appears if:
  • You are accessing the Firefox browser or Google Chrome.
  • Already installed the Stylish plugin.
So if the button to download does not appear, to watch out for these details.


– All models are free. You can download at will.
– These topics are to change the way you see the Facebook. When you access the facebook you’ll see with this appearance, all of it.
– You can download as many models and want to go changing according to your wishes. Only by clicking the icon Stylish you’ll see all the models that you downloaded and there is only dial what you see.
– Any doubt can leave a question or send email to me.

templah.com @ gmail.com.
– Suggestions are always welcome

Click here to view a complete list of all Themes


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