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Change in the way of how to install the theme for Google Chrome

For you who do not have the Stylish add to your browser Google Chrome themes and low direct the attention button for Chrome.   The google changed and now is not allowing the automatic installation of more subjects in the extensions section of the Navigator. This measure was to protect the users of some third party applications that they thought they acted wrongly. But just punishing all others who do serious work. But you can continue installing the themes, no problem. Only now the way is as follows: Click the button to download normally. image_thumb[19]     Note that the top bar you will see a new warning on google saying that now they only allow direct installation of extensions that are in store Google Chrome (Chrome Web Store). You can ignore this warning. At the bottom you have the extension with the theme you downloaded. image_thumb[24] Now do the following: Click the Tools tab (the symbol of a tool that is in the upper right corner) image_thumb[30] Go to Tools and then on extensions. image_thumb[35] In the new tab will open that will list all the extensions you have in your browser. Suffice to click on the theme you downloaded, that is the bottom bar (it’s in your Downloads folder browser), hold and drag to within extensions. Note that the message drop to install. image_thumb[40] Then release. Button will appear with the information of the theme  and requesting confirmation. Just confirm that the subject is active. image_thumb[45] You will see the information that the theme has been installed in your browser. image_thumb[50] Ready. You can check that the topic will automatically be active. image_thumb[55]   and looks like this:   image_thumb[60]     To be able to enable or disable the themes just go to the browser pane> Tools> Extensions> and uncheck the box beside the theme name. Marked it will appear, he cleared no longer appear. And if you click the trash icon it will be uninstalled.


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