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How to change the theme of your Tumblr

Here you find the Templah various themes to change your Tumblr blog. If you like to customize it probably should know how to change the theme. But if you do not know, calm … this tutorial is here to help you. We will explain in steps how you can change the theme of your Tumblr. – Go to the Templah.com and choose one of our themes. In the page of each issue you will see the appearance of the theme. tuto1_thumb[2]   – Below will find a link to the explanatory tutorial (this one you are reading now) and below the code of the chosen theme. tuto2_thumb[2]     – Now you must select all the code that is inside the box. Then click with the right mouse button and choose ‘Copy’. tuto3_thumb[2] – Copy this code complete and save somewhere in your PC. Now go to your Tumblr blog. Click on the side menu under ‘Customize Theme’. tuto4_thumb[2]   – On the next page you must click on the ‘Edit HTML’. tuto5_thumb[2]   – The next screen will open the code of your current theme on the left. On the right a preview of the theme that is being used at the time. Select all the code, copy and save it in a file. You will be doing a Tumblr Backup because the case does not get the way you wanted to just grab this file you saved and paste your content back. tuto6_thumb[2]   – Once you have done this backup of the current model, delete all content within the html code on your Tumblr. Grab the code for the new theme you have chosen and paste it into  the space  code of your Tumblr. tuto7_thumb[2]   – After you click on button stuck ‘Update Preview’ to refresh your view. tuto8_thumb[2]   – You will be able to see how was the new theme you have installed. It may be that the colors of the titles and links look different from the way you envisioned. It is that they continue in accordance with the configuration of the previous theme. You can change this in the sequel. Save the new theme by clicking the button shown. tuto9_thumb[2]   – On the next screen you have the menu for setting the colors of the links. Choose the ones you find more appropriate and then re-click the Save button. Ready. His new theme is already installed and visible to all visitors.     He used one of our themes? So thank enjoy clicking the page’s theme, Facebook Like Button. And if der place a link on your Tumblr pointing Templah (http://www.templah.com) . All Themes on Tumblr in Templah are free. tuto10_thumb[2]


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