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How do i get a Facebook layout

A very easy way to get you layouts for Facebook is referred to here ratio of templah themes to customize your profile. The layouts for Facebook are divided in various categories. Has Facebook Layout Has Facebook Layouts for sports teams, movies, games, music stars, series and TV shows, and many outros.sempre new topics are added.
Up to facilitate templah has the page with all the issues on our fan page. Log http://www.facebook.com/templah and go to Themes and Layouts. There you will see within Facebook itself, all the layouts available to customize your page.

There you get the background to Facebook, you can test and get what you want. Remember that ALL customize the layouts for Facebook are free for you.
Browse through the categories, choose the layout and change your view of your timeline.
If you have any questions see that even there you have several explanations on how to customize facebook, how to remove the layouts and everything.


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